Today's young people are drowning in information
but starving for wisdom and relationships.

The world is changing fast, and traditional parenting approaches are ill-equipped to deal with today’s challenges. So many parents are struggling with out-of-control young adult children.

Purposeful Connections understands the unique journey of parenting neurodiverse children, teens, and young adults.

We specialize in supporting parents as they navigate the challenges and celebrate the victories alongside their neurodiverse children.

Our Parent Coaching approach supports enhanced connections with family members, peers and the community through...

Communication Techniques

Learn effective methods to enhance communication with your young adult, fostering understanding and connection.

Behavior Management Strategies

Acquire valuable tools and strategies for managing and positively influencing the behavior of your neurodiverse young adult.

Stress Management

Manage the inevitable stress of parenting to ensure you maintain your well-being as you navigate your familiy's unique challenges.

Advocacy Skills

Develop the ability to advocate for your child's needs within educational, healthcare, and government systems, ensuring they receive the support they require.

Holistic Family Support

Receive comprehensive support that addresses the broader well-being of the entire family unit, fostering a positive and nurturing environment.

Set + Align Goals

Work with a coach to set and manage realistic and achievable goals toward independence with your loved one.

Coping Strategies

Support your own resilience and emotional well-being with strategies and tools to navigate whatever comes your way in the many roles you play.


Foster collaboration with other caregivers, educators, and therapists to create a cohesive support network for your neurodiverse young adult.

Community Connections

Establish connections with a supportive community of parents facing similar challenges, creating a network for shared experiences and mutual support.

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