1:1 Coaching

for neurodiverse teens + young adults

The true measures of success extend beyond conventional markers.

Our coaching program aims to equip our clients with the essential skills to independently form and maintain social relationships, manage emotions effectively, and navigate life with independent problem-solving abilities.

Witness the tangible benefits as your teen or young adult
begins to craft a 
purposeful life:

setting and achieving both short- and long-term goals
prioritizing relationships and activities that align with those objectives
maintaining motivation during life's inevitable hurdles.

We understand the unique challenges that neurodiverse teens and young adults face when it comes to managing executive functions.

Our specialized 1:1 coaching is crafted to empower our clients, fostering independence and success in each unique journey.

Executive Function Skills We Target

Social Awareness + Perspective Taking

recognizing the emotions, thoughts, and perspectives of others, fostering effective interpersonal relationships and empathy


creating and maintaining order, systematically arranging information or items to enhance efficiency and reduce chaos

Time Management + Planning

the skill of efficiently allocating and utilizing time resources, including setting goals, prioritizing tasks, and creating schedules


focusing on relevant information while filtering out distractions, allowing for improved concentration and cognitive processing

Impulse Control

the capacity to resist immediate urges and reactions, promoting thoughtful and deliberate decision-making

Task Initiation

the ability to begin a task or activity promptly and without unnecessary delay, ensuring a proactive approach to responsibilities

Task Persistence



sustaining effort and focus over time, and overcoming obstacles and challenges to achieve long-term goals
observing and evaluating one's own behavior, emotions, and performance, leading to greater self-awareness and the ability to make constructive adjustments
the capacity to adapt and adjust to changing circumstances or demands, demonstrating resilience and versatility in problem-solving and decision-making

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