We offer a supportive space for neurodiverse young adults to enhance their social skills through engaging activities and personalized guidance.

We understand that challenges in social interaction can lead to various difficulties, affecting academic performance, emotional well-being, and relationships. Our program is crafted to address these concerns and foster positive growth.

"I feel safe here."

- kid #1

"I come here to see my friends!"

- client #2 

"He looks forward to Saturday mornings all week long... and so do I!"

- Parent of Client

How it Works

Social Group offers a multitude of benefits, addressing issues such as peer rejection, behavioral difficulties, and isolation. This proactive approach aims to reduce the risk of academic failures, depression, and interpersonal problems, fostering a sense of belonging and confidence.

Structured Schedule

Our weekly sessions follow a meticulously designed itinerary, with pre-planned activities incorporating social skills themes tailored to individual behavior plans

Fun + Purposeful Activities

Participating in enjoyable and intentional activities like team-building, cooking, and community outings, participants develop essential social skills in a relaxed environment.

Facilitated by a Professional

Michelle guides participants through each activity, providing support and feedback to reinforce positive behaviors.

Additional Benefits with Other Services

For an even more personalized approach, consider including 1:1 coaching in your young adult's support portfolio. This allows for follow-up and focused attention on individual needs and goals, reinforcing the development of specific social skills. 
Consider incorporating parent coaching to gain knowledge and strategies for reinforcing social skills at home. This collaborative approach ensures a consistent and supportive environment, maximizing the positive impact for your young adult.

The combination of group dynamics and individualized coaching creates a comprehensive support system, promoting holistic growth for neurodiverse young adults.

Join us Saturday

Empower your young adult to thrive socially! Join our Social Group and witness the transformative impact on their confidence, relationships, and overall well-being. Contact us today to embark on a journey towards enhanced social skills and a brighter future.